How did I find the job as a Non-Dutch speaker in Vanderlande

This article is to share my interview experiences in Vanderlande, in order to give other people more insights about how recruitment and interview process is. My background: bachelor and master in law in NL: international law, EU law, human rights, immigration. Living in NL around 8 years. Fluent in Mandarin, English and intermediate level ofContinue reading “How did I find the job as a Non-Dutch speaker in Vanderlande”

The moonlight is shining tonight /月が綺麗ですね (Japanese)/ 今晚的月色真美(Chinese)

The Moon has always been one of the symbols that I love. My real Chinese first name is 玥莹 (yueying), the first character of my name stands for moon and the second letter stands for crystal. A lot of people were trying to pronounce my name but it was not a success, so I usedContinue reading “The moonlight is shining tonight /月が綺麗ですね (Japanese)/ 今晚的月色真美(Chinese)”

Random thoughts of today

In life, we play different roles: for a family, we are mothers/wives, daughter and daughter in law; in friendship, we are besties; at work, we are HRs, members of a team, colleagues etc. All these roles with different responsibilities and obligations occupied our lives.  What I want to speak out is: You are first YOU.Continue reading “Random thoughts of today”